Learn how a Rollover IRA allows you to rollover your retirement plan into a Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

What is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?

The IRA acronym is most often used to describe an Individual Retirement Account, however it can also stand for Individual Retirement Arrangement.  An Individual Retirement Account is a type of Individual Retirement Arrangement. What is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)? An Individual Retirement Arrangement is a type of retirement plan which provides tax advantages forContinue Reading

What are the Traditional IRA Rules?

Traditional IRA Rules help you understand the basics.  Understanding IRAs are key for planning and achieving retirement.  A Rollover IRA is a Traditional IRA which receives a transfer from a qualified retirement plans. There are three main Traditional IRA Rules which answer the following questions: Can I contribute? How much can I contribute?  How muchContinue Reading

Rollover IRA: What plans can I roll into an Rollover IRA?

Moving cash or assets out of a retirement plan before the rules permit it will result in an early withdrawal.  Early withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax plus a penalty.  When you take an early withdrawal from your retirement plan and contribute it to another retirement plan, the contribution into the new retirement planContinue Reading

Retirement Plans: What are the type of Retirement Plans?

Where do you want to go for retirement?  Do you have a plan to get you you there? Individual retirements plans and defined contribution retirement plans are two main types of retirement plans.  These are some tools to consider in your retirement quest. Individual Retirement Plans and Features Individual retirement plans provide tax advantage forContinue Reading

403b to IRA: Should I roll my 403b to Rollover IRA?

The 403b to IRA decision is driven by two common questions: (1) can I make a 403b to IRA transfer and (2) which one is better.  The first questions is easy to address, the second question will vary by individual.  However, we will cover some of the basics as you navigate through your retirement planning.Continue Reading

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